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Here’s What Clients Are Saying

Mel is the calm, gentle, intuitive yoga teacher I’ve been needing in my life. Earthy and unpretentious, Mel’s classes allow you to be where you’re at, to pause and breathe in the moment and to genuinely enjoy the practice. The classes are completely accessible and inclusive (regardless of previous yoga experience) and the added bonus of being bathed by some healing, balancing frequencies during Shavasana is divine. So grateful. Thank You.


It is very rare to find an instructor that is both an expertise in their field and an expert at the teaching process. Mel delivers an extraordinary blend of care, empathy and wisdom in her classes that not only make them enjoyable but actually life changing. Participants hoard her classes like the sneaky secret of the week and if you can find a spare mat, just do it, you will love it.


I'll look back on 2020 with great fondness thanks to your beautiful yoga, which flows into so many aspects of life, it's truly life-changing! Thank you so much for including us here on Kangaroo Island.


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