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"Melissa has taken yoga classes for students aged from 8 -11 at our school. Melissa’s calm nature and excellent rapport with the students engaged the students in her sessions. She was able to adapt the sessions depending on the mood and capability of the students in each group. Her sessions involved enabling the students to have more self-awareness of their movement whilst also promoting them working cooperatively and collaboratively. I have no hesitation in recommending her yoga sessions for primary aged students."​

Sandra Stewart

Riddells Creek Primary School 

"Melissa came to our school to run two yoga workshops for 2 groups of 40 primary students, aged from 8 to 11. The workshops she ran were varied and offered fun, busy and exciting group activities but also more calm and self-focused ones. For 50 minutes, she managed to keep the students engaged in mindfulness by inviting them to be more aware of their breathing and their body through a range of activities she facilitated. She also brought props that intrigued the students and captured their curiosity, such as feathers and chimes. At the end of the workshop, the students were noticeably calmer and quieter." ​

Steve Pollet

Candlebark School 

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